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Carl Richards' Napkins

by Stephen Von Worley on August 18, 2010

Richards' Napkin

The handwritten infographic might just be the new black. Witness the success of the award-winning Indexed: an endearing diary of one woman’s thoughts and dreams, sketched on 3×5 cards as charts and diagrams.

Recently, the New York Times has gotten into the act: with Bucks blogger and asset adviser Carl Richards’ “back-of-the-napkin” personal finance series.

On each napkin, with a few strokes of his pen, Richards reduces an typically-intimidating investment concept to simple picture form (as above). The basics of personal money management don’t have to be complicated, and taken together, his bite-sized infographics pack just enough wisdom to keep a financial tenderfoot out of the poorhouse.

Where’ll the hand-drawn diagram pop up next? As shopping suggestions scribbled on store receipts? Automotive advice tattooed into greasy forearms? Travel tips doodled on boarding passes? Concert reviews scrawled on exposed cleavage? We’ll keep you abreast of further developments!

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