Literally Billions

A Dot For Every Person On The Earth

by Stephen Von Worley on April 8, 2013

Last year, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, the world’s population topped seven billion, and now stands at approximately 7,077,490,000 as of noon Eastern, April 8, 2013.

Now, google “7 billion” or “all people” and you’ll see some pretty things, like Fathom’s Dencity and bmander’s North American DotMap, bobbing in an otherwise emotionless sea of Excel charts, peppered by offbeat tidbit upon strange factoid, ad infinitum. For example, did you know that every human being on the Earth, packed tightly, would fit inside a 900-meter-diameter sphere? Me neither.

However, had you wanted to experience the world’s population in its most primitive form – a single Web page featuring seven-billion-plus faces, dots, or whatever – as of yesterday, your search would’ve turned up bupkis.

A hole in the Internets! Which, upon discovery, as a capable netizen, I was obligated to fill.

Editor’s Note: I’ve since learned that the “7 Billion World” website has existed since October 2011. Check it out!

Click the circles below to view the full 17 football-fields-worth of fresh online real estate in browser-stretching 1200000p:

Some Of The Many Dots

That’s a dot for every man, woman, and child alive today, dynamically indexed to the nearest million per U.S. Census Bureau estimates. Arranged similarly, in real life, these seven gigapeople would cover the entire state of Rhode Island.

Within is lots of latent mischief, more than a few megatons of evil, and simultaneously, an even greater potential for creativity, kindness, and love.

Enjoy, and let’s be good to each other out there.

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