Rubik’s Proved

God Can Solve Any Cube In Twenty Moves

by Stephen Von Worley on September 12, 2010

Fixr's Rubik's Cube Infographic

Scientists have recently proven that God’s Number is 20: any Rubik’s Cube can be unscrambled in twenty moves (or less). Read the nitty-gritty details on, and for more Rubik’s trivia, see home improvement site Fixr’s infographic.

All that stuff’s great, but somehow, they forgot to mention the no-nonsense efficiency of the Blue Collar Technique. First, pity your homely, misordered cube… gadzooks, that thing got messed up something fierce! Next, break it apart with a screwdriver or gentle stomp of your boot. Then, one by one, pop the pieces back into their proper places. After reinserting all twenty of them, you’ll have recreated the perfect cube – and proven that God’s and Average Joe’s Numbers are equal!

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