Shaken To The Foundations

A Fan-Induced Earthquake, Visualized

by Stephen Von Worley on January 11, 2011

PNSN Marshawn Lynch Seismograph

This past Saturday, as Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch flicked away the defense, sauntered 67 yards to the end zone, and clinched a playoff win, the fans went seismic. Under Qwest Field, sensors recorded the tremors, which the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network then visualized in rainbow hues (above). In this graph, PNSN director John Vidale syncs up the red streaks with the action.

First of all, to Marshawn and crew, respect! And now, as a Cal alum, I’m morally obligated to remind everyone of the most miraculous game-winning football Play that ever shall be:

The losing team? Stanford! And their quarterback? Senior John Elway, future star of the Denver Broncos. Go Bears!

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