Trains Of Planes

GE Aviation's Paths Of Flight

by Stephen Von Worley on December 9, 2010

GE Aviation visualizes airport takeoffs and approaches as trains of planes in their must-see promotional video Paths Of Flight:

GE Aviation designs engines, flight paths, and advanced aircraft systems. And we wanted to share the intricate choreography of flying in all its glory. So we captured all the take-offs and landings that happen over the course of one day and combined them into one short film. Watch, and see the hidden beauty of flight reveal itself.

I absolutely love this – it elegantly captures the graceful, precise movements of the modern jetliner. How’d GE do it? Via some clever video compositing. To learn more, visit their landing page and click “The Making Of” button on the video.

Bonus points for featuring the best damn airport in the world: Oakland International!

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