Got Superhero?

Global Disaster And Comic Book Salvation

by Stephen Von Worley on December 3, 2010

Io9's Disaster Hot Zones

This blog originates from coastal California – Earthquake Country – where, without warning, the ground could split open and swallow us whole. And that’s not all, as sci-fi site io9 illustrates in their map of Disaster Hot Zones Of The World. Meteor impact-induced hypercane? It could happen. Flaming global mega-tsunami spawned by frozen methane melt? Yikes.

But have no fear. Because when calamity comes knocking, we’ve got an answer: the super-heroes!

In my youth, Superman was the go-to guy. With a few hundred quick revolutions around the world, he’d spin time backwards and misfortune out of existence. Nowadays, there’s literally dozens of top-tier do-gooders, which designer Fabian Gonzalez has assembled in his Minimalism Heroes poster:

Minimalism Heroes

Together, these guys and gals are a veritable Swiss Army knife of problem-solving powers, and we’d be wise to buy a print to keep ’em nearby. For me, even in the event of non-disaster, they’ll come in handy… as templates for my kids’ birthday cakes!

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