An Epic Ass-Kicking

The Midterm Elections By The Numbers

by Stephen Von Worley on November 8, 2010

After six days of agony, I’ve finally reached the last stage of post-election grief: acceptance. So, as a coda to my recovery, I’ll come right out and say it: the Democrats received an ass-kicking of epic proportions!

Just how epic? The New York Times represents the resounding thumping in a short-but-sweet series of infographics:

NY Times Midterm 2010 Infographics

Next, the Wall Street Journal charts exit poll data by race, income, gender, and more:

WSJ Midterm 2010 Exit Poll Charts

And finally, Star Tribune political cartoonist Steve Sack delivers his editorial take on the statistics:

Steve Sack's Election Cartoon

That’s definitely gonna leave a mark.

[NYTimes and WSJ via Chart Porn, Sack via Slate]

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