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XKCD's Hand-Drawn Map Of The Social Web

by Stephen Von Worley on October 6, 2010

In trademark high geek-art style, XKCD illustrates the lay of the social Web land – from the blogsphere’s “Bay Of Flame” to Facebook’s “Plains Of Awkwardly Public Family Interactions” – in its 2010 Map Of Online Communities:

XKCD's Map Of Online Communities

See it big and pre-order a print! Then, for nostalgia sake, check out the 2007 version. Xanga? MySpace? AOL? My, how the once-mighty have fallen… under the giant tractor treads of the unstoppable FarmVille.

To see other people’s drawings of the Intertubes, check out the also-awesome-if-less-hilarious Internet Mapping Project:

Internet Mapping Project

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