Pumpkin, Meet Infographic

It's Time For Some Halloween Silliness

by Stephen Von Worley on October 27, 2010

Halloween lovers, I humbly present to you what might be my crowning pumpkin carving achievement – the Graph-O’-Lantern – 6% pie, 5% Venn, 13% bar, and 100% gourd!

My Graph-O'-Lantern

My Graph-O'-Lantern

The titles and labels didn’t fit, so here’s the complete version of each chart, clockwise from the upper-left:

  • Typical Witches’ Brew Composition By Weight (pie chart)
  • Known Scare Tactics Of Ghosts And Zombies (Venn diagram)
  • Vampire-Related Deaths Per Decade, Transylvania, 1960-2009 (bar graph)

Only four more days ’til Halloween night!

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