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ESRI Maps Halloween Costume Spending

by Stephen Von Worley on October 26, 2010

Trick-or-treat! Come this Sunday, happy kids dress up for Halloween, and geo-statistics firm Esri has mapped how much Americans are spending on their costumes:

Esri's Costume Spending Map

The rural United States and inner city bathe in pumpkin orange – generally shelling out less than two dollars per household – and we see a “donut” effect, wherein the suburbs, predominantly brown on the map, spend triple that and more.

This year, according to Esri, the typical U.S. household will pay a total of $3.58 for kid’s Halloween costumes, and at $19.79, the 94027 Zip code – encompassing the tony Silicon Valley enclave of Atherton, California – antes up the most. Census data shows that Atherton has about 0.7 children per household, which means that mom and dad are dropping nearly $30 on each outfit!

To a kid, that’s a lot of money… so much that the enterprising young Athertonian might have to make their parents an offer they can’t refuse:

I roll my own Godfather costume, you give me half the $30 in candy, and we’ll call it even!

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