It Slices And Dices

The Amazing, Light-Painting iPad

by Stephen Von Worley on September 21, 2010

File this one under wow! Agencies Dentsu London and BERG reinvent light painting by using the iPad to extrude images:

Tres cool! And, as a bonus, the underlying “3D model sliced by iPad” idea has some practical implications beyond photography…

Imagine a doctor – but instead of extruding words, he’s viewing the results of a CAT scan. As he moves his iPad through the virtual block of data in front of him, the screen displays a cross-section of it with the same position and orientation. Essentially, the iPad becomes the viewing plane, and by moving and tilting it, he can intuitively slice the CAT data from whatever direction he wants, in just a few seconds!

Now, combine this “data Ginsu” concept with voice controls – like magnify, save, freeze, and enhance – and you have the blueprint for a revolutionary, time-saving medical device.

Does something like this already exist? If so, please let me know so I can write about it!

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